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Medicines today are taking too long to reach patients. Scientists want to move faster, but external manufacturers prioritize ‘contracts’ over the need for innovation and speed in GMP manufacturing. The promise of patient-focused partnerships remains out of reach until now.

At VLE, we’ve created a new environment for manufacturing medicines. One where decades of breakthroughs in manufacturing, analytical, and process science help forge alliances that launch the world’s most exciting vaccines, CGTs, and advanced therapeutics in record time.

We are led by a brilliant team and powered by our process science and digital platforms iACHIEVE© and BioACHIEVE©. For every medicine, we redefine CMC, tech transfer, and GMP operations through digitization and scientific excellence and deliver with the speed that patients deserve and the precision regulators demand.

Our passion for science, innovation, and acceleration is inspired by our brave, forward-thinking clients, who invent the future of medicine and deserve more. Together, we will go further and move faster than ever thought possible.

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